Sherpa Named Aspiring Ecosystem by Wainhouse

February 26, 2018

Sherpa Digital Media, a developer of leading video management and streaming solutions for enterprise communication and marketing, has been recognized by Wainhouse Research as an Aspiring Ecosystem in Wainhouse's recent report, titled: "The State of the Enterprise Streaming and Webcasting Market - 2018."

The report categorizes various companies by "solution completeness" and "integration strategy." By being named an Aspiring Ecosystem, Wainhouse recognizes Sherpa's end-to-end capabilities as a complete solution and its interoperability with other applications as an open system.

The report from Wainhouse further sets out what the different scales and quadrants signify. The horizontal scale ("integration strategy") measures the ability of the solution to integrate with other vendors' products, with more open systems placed to the right and less open ones to the left. The vertical scale ("solution completeness") categorizes how diverse of a service offering the platform provides. Single feature solutions with a narrow set of tasks are placed on the bottom, and platforms with a broader feature set are placed higher up.

The top right of the quadrant, where Sherpa was placed, are considered to be "Aspiring Ecosystems," which are classified as "end-to-end platforms that seek to expand functionality through integration with outside solutions."