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Sherpa's Story

While working together at Accordent and Polycom, K.C. Watson and Mark Strathdee saw firsthand a growing gap in the way corporations communicated. Companies were ill-equipped for the increasing demands of modern video – stuck on poor user experiences, inadequate security, and technical barriers to embracing emerging formats like AR, VR, and 360-degree video. K.C. and Mark knew there had to be a better way, and in 2011, Sherpa was born.

Sherpa quickly gained the business of some of the world’s premier companies and developed its modern platform into the product it is today. Now, Sherpa Stream empowers companies to share beautiful, immersive video experiences to employees, partners, and customers with a new level of simplicity and scale.

Sherpa’s value extends beyond its technology. As a long-term trusted partner, Sherpa provides its customers with guidance, best practices, and thought leadership that’s backed by decades of combined expertise in enterprise video architecture and live streaming event production.

Sherpa is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and backed by several of the region’s premier venture investors.



Steve Pattison

CEO & President

Steve Pattison is the Chief Executive Officer and President of Sherpa. Steve is a 20 year veteran in the video, content management and networking industries, holding executive positions at Edgewater Networks (acquired by Ribbon Communications), Accordent Technologies (acquired by Polycom), and iManage (acquired by Interwoven). As CEO, Steve is responsible for setting the strategic direction of Sherpa and overseeing all operational activities.


Mark Strathdee

CTO & Co-Founder

Mark Strathdee, Sherpa’s CTO, co-founded the company with K.C. Watson in 2011. Mark began his career in broadcast television and went on to produce programming at CBS (60 Minutes) and FoxSports. He made the jump to technology, and following a stint at Apple, he joined Accordent (acquired by Polycom), where he first met and worked alongside K.C. As CTO of Sherpa, Mark directs the company’s platform development efforts.


K.C. Watson

Co-Founder / Go-to-Market

K.C. Watson co-founded Sherpa with Mark Strathdee in 2011 and serves as its go-to-market strategist. For nearly 20 years, K.C. has held sales leadership roles at video software companies. This path culminated in K.C.’s time at Accordent (acquired by Polycom), where he first met and worked alongside Mark. In his role at Sherpa, K.C. directs the company’s go-to-market strategy.


Stephen Blankenship

SVP of Product and Engineering

Stephen Blankenship is a Silicon Valley veteran with more than 20 years of experience working in technology leadership roles. Prior to working at Sherpa, Blankenship held senior executive roles at Ramp, Kontiki, and other enterprise technology companies. At Sherpa, Stephen directs product and engineering as well being a key liaison between our sales, marketing, and customer success departments.

Department Leads

Angel Scott

Customer Success

Don Kianian


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Jonathan Orner

Customer Engineering

Christina Strathdee


Board of Directors

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