Host A Memorable Virtual Event Easily

How Sherpa Helps You Host An Engaging Virtual Event For Any Audience Size

Virtual events are a powerful tool to engage your audience and share your vision to potentially millions of viewers.  With Sherpa, you can rest easy knowing that no matter where your audience is viewing the content from, at home or in the office, Sherpa can deliver a flawless experience securely and with pristine quality.

Reduce headaches and produce your events easily, whether you have in-house resources or not. Sherpa’s production services let you focus on the content itself, not logistics.

Engage and connect with your audience using a full interactive suite of tools such as Polls, Q&A, Chat, Slides, Downloadable Resources, and Breakout Rooms. Connect to social tools for additional syndication.

Analyze your events and easily share reports to anyone including summary information or in-depth analysis. See where viewers were most engaged, what assets were viewed the most, and more

And now, featuring Sherpa Campsite: a suite of features that allows hosts to take their virtual events to new heights. Check out the video below to learn more!

Virtual Events with Sherpa

Protecting sensitive content has never been easier.

Sherpa’s platform is built to protect your content from origin to delivery, and beyond.

Any worthwhile enterprise video solution should have a secure foundation to prevent sensitive internal content from being accessed by bad actors. We built the Sherpa Platform with your security in mind so your content is always protected.

Features include:

  • Direct integrations with authentication systems like SAML, LDAP, and ADFS
  • Personalized video watermarks to trace potential leaks to their point of origin
  • Robust user permissions and access management settings

Download the brief to learn more about protecting your video with the Sherpa Platform! Let Sherpa show the way.

Streaming Security with Sherpa
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